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About OMPFinex

What is OMPFinex?

OMPFinex is the first crypto exchange in Iran featuring demo account and trading bot and has provided a fast and secure platform to trade Bitcoin and altcoins.

Why trust OMPFinex?

Ozahn Mashregh Pars doing business as OMPFinex with CRN 54955 which you can investigate via URL /
. All the assets on OMPFinex are stored offline and on cold wallets. Therefore, there are no threats including hacks or losses jeopardizing users’ assets. OMPFinex support department provide service to users through online chat and also phone calls to +985131790 day and night n/.

What does OMPFinex mean?

OMP is the abbreviation of “Ozhan Mashregh Pars” and “Finex” is the combination of words finance and exchange.

How can I see the list of coins on OMPFinex?

Go to Markets page on the website and you see the full list of coins available to trade on OMPFinex.

What are OMPFinex terms of use?

In order to get a full picture of terms, you can visit OMPFinex Terms & Conditions page. If you’re using the app, go to /”Others/” page located on bottom left of Dashboard to study OMPFinex terms & conditions.

How to access tutorials for OMPFinex exchange?

You’ll find a complete list of tutorials on how to use OMPfinex and also basic crypto concepts on OMPFinex Blog.

How to contact OMPFinex to get further help and info?

You can contact us through online chat or send message to our Telegram ID “ompfinex_support”. Also, you may call OMPFinex support on these numbers 05131790- 05191009111 – 02192009212 day and night. In case you have any further suggestions, you can directly contact OMPFinex head office by sending email to n/n/.

Is OMPFinex a CEX or DEX?

OMPFinex is providing a crypto trading platform based on a centralized infrastructure.

When did OMPFinex started its business?

Ozahn Mashregh Pars has officially begun its business since 1399 to provide services for cryptocurrency trading.

What documents do I need to sign up on OMPFinex?

To register and complete KYC verification on OMPFinex, you’ll need and email address, mobile number, debit card and an identification card such as national ID card, driver’s license, military service certificate, valid passport or any old but legit ID documents

How can I have access to crypto tutorials and market analyses?

By following OMPFinex on social media such as Instagram, Telegram and OMPFinex Blog, you can find various tutorials and the latest news and analyses of crypto market.