Make money by authenticating yourself and your friends



Just authenticate, get 7000 Satoshi Bitcoin. Also, invite your friends to the OMPFinex trading platform to receive a phantom cryptocurrency unit with their first trade, and receive up to 30% of their trading fees.

Step 1

Get the invitation code or link

In the section of introducing friends in your account, specify the commission percentage and receive the invitation link code.

Step 2

Invite friends

Share your link with your friends or ask them to enter your invitation code when you register.



Step 3

Receive gifts

With each transaction, your friends will receive up to 30% of the transaction fee, as well as a Phantom currency code for the first transaction.

  • With each authentication that is done with your invitation code or link, with the first transaction they make, a phantom currency code will be credited to your wallet.
  • You can create multiple invitation codes, each with a different percentage for you and your friend. For example, in one invitation code you get all 30%, in another invitation code you get 20% and you get 10%.