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Withdraw (Rial)

Why my rial withdrawal is not successful?

This could be due to exceeding of the withdrawal limit which need a correction to your request n/
. Also, there is the possibility that your account has been frozen by the order of judicial organizations and you need to contact our support to get more info.

What are the minimum and maximum amount for rial withdrawals?

حداقل مقدار برداشت ریالی برابر با 15 هزار تومان و حداکثر مقدار برداشت ریالی روزانه در او ام پی فینکس برابر با ۳۰۰ میلیون تومان بوده که از طریق سه شماره شبا مجزا امکان‌پذیر است.

Is it possible to raise the withdrawal limit?

If you would like to raise your daily withdrawal limit, please submit your request through online chat or Telegram support with the ID ompfinex_support; Or you may call 05131790 to contact OMPFinex support. Kindly note that this process may take several working days to complete.

What’s OMPFinex procedure for rial settlements?

Rial withdrawals to banks such as Mellat, Ayandeh, Saman, Melli, Tejarat and Sepah settle faster n/. The settlement through other banks process based on the ACH cycle and may take 1 to 24 hours n/.

How to make a rial withdrawal on OMPFinex?

Log into your account and click /”Withdraw/” on Dashboard page. You can make your rial withdrawals on this page.

What time can I submit a rial withdrawal?

You can make rial withdrawals at any time of the day or night and the settlement procedure completes according to your bank network.

How to view history of rial deposits and withdrawals?

اگر از وبسایت استفاده می‌کنید:
وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید و در صفحه داشبورد، قسمت بالای صفحه سمت چپ، روی آیکون کیف پول کلیک کرده و گزینه "تاریخچه" را انتخاب کنید.
اگر از اپلیکیشن استفاده می‌کنید:
پس از ورود به حساب کاربری، صفحه کیف پول را انتخاب کنید و از قسمت بالای صفحه، روی "تاریخچه" کلیک کنید. در صفحه تاریخچه می‌بایست تراکنش‌های ریالی را فیلتر کرده و جزئیات هر تراکنش را مشاهده کنید.

How to remove a verified debit card?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to remove a submitted bank card, but you may add new cards and continue your activity through them.

How to add a new debit card to my account?

On the website n/
: Log into your account and click on the user icon on top of the Dashboard page. Navigate to User Profile and add your new bank card. n/n/
In the application n/
: Log into your account and click on the user icon on top left of the Dashboard page. Select /”User Profile/” and add your new bank card here n/.

Why do I get 26 Characters error while submitting my debit card?

Switch your keyboard input language to English and enter your card number again.

Is it possible to use someone else’s bank account?

No. You cannot use another person’s banking information and your activity on OMPFinex is possible only through your own bank cards.

Why is there a mismatch between my rial balance and the withdrawable amount?

If you have an open order, the related amount cannot be withdrawn from your account. You can view this amount on Open Orders section and cancel your order if needed n/.