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Why OMPFinex?

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    Demo Market

    As the first platform in Iran, OMPFinex provided its users with trial buying/selling of cryptocurrencies. On demo market, users can test their trading strategies before entering the main market. Demo users can perform trades with free virtual credit but in a real trading environment and with real traders.

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    One of the major concerns of OMPFinex is ​​the security of its users' assets. OMPFinex keeps its users' assets on cold wallets in which the possibility of losing funds and hacks is near zero.

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    To help improve cryptocurrency knowledge in Iran, OMPFinex has actively started an academy for the enthusiasts in the field. Users can register on OMPFinex academy and benefit from free traning as well as exclusive perks to deploy in their trades.

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تا سقف 50 درصد از کارمزد تمامی معاملات افرادی که توسط شما به پلتفرم او ام پی فینکس معرفی می‌شوند، برای همیشه به شما تعلق می‌گیرد. همچنین می‌توانید با انتخاب درصدهای گوناگون، بخشی از این هدیه را به فرد دعوت شده اختصاص دهید. کافیست کد یا لینک دعوت اختصاصی خود را با دوستانتان به اشتراک بگذارید و بدون سرمایه از بازار ارزهای دیجیتال کسب درآمد داشته باشید.

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By increasing your knowledge and expertise in the field of digital currencies and financial markets, build your trading strategy, perform more professionally in the digital currency market and achieve continuous profit.

Learn Something From OMPFinex

OMPFinex Monthly Traders Tournament

To encourage users to promote their trading skills and increase profitability, OMPFinex top 10 traders by the largest profits receive rewards on 28th of every month.

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Trades Count142,000

Users Count92,000

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Digital currency exchangeOMP Phoenix, the first digital currency trading market with demo account and robotBuying and selling digital currencyIt is in Iran that has provided a platform for trading digital currencies in more than 100 markets. In OMP Phoenix exchange, you can buy and sell digital currencies safely and quicklyBuy Bitcoin ،Ethereumand other altcoins.

Buying digital currency in Iran

To buy digital currency you need to do the following:

  1. 1- ابتدا در یک صرافی ارز دیجیتال حساب معاملاتی ایجاد کرده و ثبت نام و احراز هویت خود را تکمیل کنید.
  2. 2- در مرحله بعدی می‌بایست کیف پول خود را شارژ کنید و سپس در انواع بازارهای تتر و تومان به خرید و فروش ارزهای دیجیتال مختلف بپردازید.

Please note that due to the rules defined in the financial markets worldwide, authentication is essential for trading cryptocurrencies and it is not possible to buy digital currency without authentication on valid trading platforms. But choosing the best digital currency buying and selling site and the best digital currency buying and selling application is always the most important concern for people who intend to enter the digital currency market. Due to the increase of people's interest in investing in the digital currency market, many exchanges have been provided with various services for buying and selling digital currencies. But how to recognize the best Iranian exchange for buying digital currency? The most important issue that makes an exchange the best exchange for buying and selling digital currency is compliance with security standards.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Just like you use a bank account to store your money, you need a digital wallet to store digital currencies. Each cryptocurrency wallet has a public address and a private key. The public address of the wallet has the same function as your account number or bank card number. This means that to deposit digital currency into your wallet, you must use its public address. The private key also acts as the second password of your bank card, and anyone who has it can access your assets. Therefore, be careful not to give the private key of your wallet to anyone else.

Different Types of Crypto Wallets

In general, digital currency wallets are divided into online and offline categories. Online wallets, or so-called warm wallets, are wallets that are provided in the form of software or on the web, and people can make deposits and withdrawals from their wallets by connecting to the Internet. TrustVault mobile wallet, Coinomi desktop wallet and Metamask web wallet are some of the hot wallets. Offline or so-called cold wallets are those types of wallets that will be available without connecting to the Internet and in the form of hardware. Therefore, they are much more secure than warm wallets. If you intend to buy and store a large amount of digital currencies in the long term, it is better to use cold or hardware wallets. Ledger Nano hardware wallet in two models, TS and Trezor hardware wallet, are among the most popular cold wallets for storing digital currencies.

Digital currency exchange

To buy cryptocurrency, you must use a digital currency exchange. Due to the expansion and increasing acceptance of digital currencies worldwide, many domestic and foreign exchanges have been established with various services and facilities, and you can buy and sell digital currencies and earn money from the cryptocurrency market by choosing a reliable exchange. International exchanges such as Binance generally have strict rules for user authentication, and if they find that a user with an Iranian IP is active, they block his assets. For this reason, it is always recommended to use domestic exchanges to trade digital currencies. If you are looking for the best way to buy digital currency, you must first choose a valid exchange and register and create an account in that exchange.

Privileges of Using OMPFinex Cryptocurrency Exchange

OMPFinex digital currency exchange has provided a very powerful infrastructure for buying and selling digital currency by bringing together experts in various fields of blockchain, programming, security, training and support. In OMPFinex, you can make instant deposits and withdrawals from your currency and Rial wallet.

Learning to buy digital currency in Iran

To buy and sell digital currency, it is necessary to first create a trading account in a digital currency exchange. In the next step, you should charge your wallet and then buy and sell different digital currencies in Tether and Toman markets. If you are looking for the best program for buying and selling digital currency, you can also download and install the OMP Finks mobile application from Cafe Bazaar, Google Play, Myket or the OMP Finks website.

You can also use the blog of OMPFinex exchange to see the step-by-step tutorial on buying and selling digital currency. You can also find the best digital currency to buy in any time frame by using the contents in the "Analysis" and "Education" sections of the blog. In addition to supporting the blockchain network of any cryptocurrency, OMPFinex also supports ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP2, BEP20 and KCC networks, and you can transfer your digital currencies with the lowest fees.

For example, the fee for transferring Tether digital currency on the KCC platform in OMPFinex is only 0.1 Tether! OMPFinex is the first digital currency exchange in Iran that provides the possibility of trading with a demo account and you can buy and sell digital currencies in a trial account with a virtual capital of 100 million Tomans along with all the facilities of the real market and while increasing your experience In digital currency trading, increase your knowledge and move towards becoming a professional in trading.

If you are not familiar enough with how to buy digital currency, using a demo account can be the most suitable option for trial and error and learning how to buy digital currency. OMPFinex exchange also provides users with the possibility of using a digital currency trading robot, and you can use this trading robot to buy and sell digital currencies even when you are not online.

On the 28th of every month, the OMPFinex platform gives iPhone 13, Apple Watch and Airpod Pro to the three users who have earned the most profit in their transactions that month! You can start trading in OMPFinex with only 100 thousand tomans and prepare yourself to receive these special gifts while measuring your trading skills!

In the OMPFinex exchange, you can see the profit and loss of each currency on a daily and cumulative basis and in this way have a better management of buying and selling your assets. We at OMPFinex believe that making continuous profits in the digital currency market requires expertise and people should have the necessary training before investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, the OMPFinex content production team provides you with the latest training and events of the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis in the OMPFinex blog, and you can follow these trainings and use other OMPFinex services such as the trading journal. Manage your buying and selling decisions in a more professional way. OMPFinex exchange organizes exciting festivals for users on various occasions, and during these festivals, which generally last for several days, you can experience buying digital currency without fees.