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ربات معامله گر

What is Trading Bot?

OMPFinex trading bot feature allows you to submit buy and sell orders based on global charts even when you’re offline.

What’s the fee to use OMFinex trading bot?

OMPFinex trading bot service is free for all.

What are order fees submitted by the trading bot?

کارمزد معاملاتی که با استفاده از ربات معامله‌گر ثبت می‌شوند تنها برابر با 0.001 حجم معامله (0.1 درصد) است که از کمترین کارمزد معاملات در پلتفرم ارز دیجیتال نیز کمتر است.

What are the advantages of using trading bot?

با تعیین تنظیمات برای ربات و فعال‌سازی آن در حساب کاربری، سفارشات خرید و فروش، بدون نیاز به آنلاین بودن و حضور شما در حساب کاربری به صورت خودکار و پیوسته ثبت می‌شود. همچنین کارمزد پایین به مقدار تنها 0.1 درصد یکی دیگر از مزیت‌های ویژه ربات معامله‌گر می‌باشد. با استفاده از مطلب ربات تریدر می‌توانید اطلاعات جامعی نسبت به نحوه استفاده از ربات معامله گر او ام پی فینکس کسب کنید.

How to activate trading bot?

On the website
/n: Log into your account. Choose “Trades” from top left of “Dashboard” page and click on “Trading Bot”. Then, you can configure your bot setting on the page.
/n. In the application
/n: Log into your account. On the “Trades” page go to “Trading Bot” tab and configure your bot settings.
/n: Complete guide to OMPFinex trading bot activation /n

On what markets the trading bot can be activated?

Given that Trading bots take order prices from Binance, currently you can only create bots in markets that exist on Binance exchange. Also, Tether (USDT) price on toman markets is derived from Tether/Toman market.

How to know whether my trading bot request is accepted?

The status of your request for bot activation will be informed to you via SMS.

Are there any limits on using the trading bot?

Currently, each user can only activate one bot to buy and one for selling. To activate more bots, please contact support.

How many orders can be submitted by each bot?

Each bot can only have up to 4 open orders.

What happens if I set a negative tolerance for trading bot?

In case of entering a negative percentage, the order will be filled inversely; Meaning that a buy order executes with a price higher than the market’s live price and in a sell order, you will sell cheaper based on your negative tolerance.

How much capital do I need to submit 3 orders with 1 million tomans volume each?

To activate your trading bot, you must have extra funds equal to 1 more order. For example, you must have 4 million tomans in your account to be able to submit 3 orders with 1 million tomans volume so that your trading bot would not encounter any errors upon activation and submitting orders.

What’s the minimum cost to activate trading bot?

You’ll need at least 220K tomans to activate trading bot and submit 1 order to buy or sell.

How to deactivate trading bot?

Go to trading bot section in your account to remove your bot request. Please note that upon deactivation, your bot will stop functioning and making orders, but the previously submitted orders will remain open which you may cancel manually from /”Open Orders/” section.