OMPFinex Terms and Conditions

OMPFinex is an exchange platform to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Tron with Rial which fully conforms to the Islamic Republic of Iran regulations and other than Rial, the platform does not support any currencies to exchange by.

  • The first obligation to register on OMPFinex is that the user must accept all the terms and conditions according to Iran regulations and comply with them.
  • Using OMPFinex services means accepting and confirming its rules.
  • OMPFinex terms and conditions may change due to circumstances, however there will be an announcement prior to these alterations. Also, these announcements will be released on platform’s official social media pages.
  • KYC Verification is a must on OMPFinex and users should provide their full and correct identity information. In case of a violation, OMPFinex has the right to block its services to the offender and report it to the legal authorities.
  • OMPFinex users are obliged to use the services for their own and if they do it for an individual whose identity is not verified, they would bear the full responsibility.
  • The users’ account number and wallet addresses for crypto withdrawals must belong to themselves and they are not allowed to provide an account that is for somebody else.
  • The users accept to cooperate with OMPFinex support if an online video call is needed to ensure the security of their funds. Moreover, there is the possibility after a deposit through “Shetab Gateway” that by the order of government authorities in a 1-3 days period, withdrawals become limited.
  • OMFinex has no responsibility in the users' trading strategies and their profit and loss.
  • OMPFinex is not responsible for user negligence on security issues such as password divulgence and it is strongly recommended that users set a strong password and activate two-factor authentication.
  • OMPFinex guarantees that the platform keeps the user funds under its custody and in cold wallets with top security standards and if any security issues come up, the platform compensate the loss in full amount.
  • The responsibility of entering a correct address upon crypto withdrawals fully depends on the user and if any problem similar to this come up, such as entering a wrong address, issues with the receiving wallet and the blockage of the user funds in their wallet, they do not entail OMPFinex obligations.
  • Instant withdrawals are performed by OMPFinex platform, but deposits depend on the type of bank account and processed according to the ACH cycle.
  • In case of any problem in deposits or withdrawals of a wrong account (funds deposit to or withdrawn from a wrong user), OMPFinex is authorized to act on the issue in any time with a prior coordination with the user.
  • Upon verification, user’s information gets encrypted in files offline, so there will be no vulnerability for misuse to them.
  • Due to the obligation to government authorities regarding full authentication, providing phone number and identity information is necessary for trading on the platform.
  • Under no circumstances except a legal permit, OMPFinex does not provide user information to any institution or individual.
  • After registration and entering any information, removing an account is possible only through a legal authority order.
  • Users accept that they would not create an OMPFinex account due to request from a third party individual or social group, otherwise the user bears the full financial and legal responsibility to the matter.