• About us / About OMPFinex

  • Beyond operating as a cryptocurrency exchange, OMPFinex is a dynamic ecosystem.
  • Exchange: OMPFinex exchange's duty is to provide complete security and transparency for its customers along with high transaction speed.
  • Academy: OMPFinex Academy is a free and accessible center for all those interested in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which tries to facilitate learning for all compatriots by providing insights and professional and data-driven analysis.
  • Trial Trade (demo): Trading in volatile cryptocurrency markets requires continuous practice. The OMPFinex team has made this possible without the risk of losing capital by providing the right infrastructure for enthusiasts. Users can first get the necessary training at the OMPFinex Academy and then test their knowledge in the OMPFinex demo market.
  • customer club: Thanks to the continuous support of users, for the first time, OMPFinex has introduced a system in which users receive companionship rewards based on various parameters and events.
  • Research and Development: OMPFinex R&D team tries to provide accurate analysis information to all activists in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Freedom: Unfortunately, economic growth has made it difficult for many developing countries due to unfair international sanctions. Our vision is to increase global financial freedom. We believe that by expanding this freedom, we can significantly improve life around the world, because freedom is the right of all human beings in the world.
  • Mission: Our mission is to provide infrastructure services for the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrencies. Let's build the future together!
  • What is the secret of corporate success? : Their team, we are proud to have one of the most talented, hard-working and creative teams. If you are interested in joining OMPFinex, you can send your resume to the following email address: