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  • Curve DAO Token - Toman -3.44%

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What is CRV token?

Curve Finance network has developed with the aim of providing a decentralized platform to exchange stablecoins (e.g. USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI). This is the same protocol as in decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

The idea behind this project was introduced by the Russian scientist, Michael Egorov, which was launched in mid-2020. CurveDAO (CRV) cryptocurrency is the built-in and governance token on Cruve Finance network, which is an Ethereum-based asset and one of the most robust projects in decentralized finance (DeFi). The cryptocurrency has experienced a 400% spike in mid-2020.

CurveDAO (CRV) Features

Curve Finance network utilizing smart contracts technology and employing Automated Market Makers (AMM), act as a fully decentralized system. Thus, the network community is able to exchange tokens profiting from low rates and fees. It can be conceived that this network has strong potentials regarding the use of DeFi space.

Trading CRV

It’s possible to trade CRV on international exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase. However, users with Iranian IPs get banned logging into these platforms. Moreover, trading on international exchanges requires more complex procedures.

Hence, it is recommended to use domestic crypto exchanges. OMPFinex cryptocurrency exchange provides the necessary trading platform for CRV and so many other cryptocurrencies, so that users can engage them in a simple and secure environment.

How to buy/sell CRV?

  • Create and account on OMPFinex exchange

In order to start buying/selling CRV, users need to create and account on the platform. Enter OMPFinex platform, click on “Register” and by submitting your email address and password create your account.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

Based on the global rules and regulations in financial markets, KYC process has become an important aspect in cryptocurrency trading and it is required to deal with different forms of fraudulent activities. On OMPFinex you can complete your KYC through five simple steps within a few minutes. Complete guide to OMPFinex KYC


Upon completing KYC and its validation by OMPFinex experts, you can start trading CRV and other tokens safely on the platform.

  • Wallet Deposit

First, you need to make a deposit to your wallet and then you can start buying or selling CRV or any other cryptocurrency.

In order to deposit, just click on “Wallet” in your account and choose “Deposit” to top up your Rial wallet. Soon after your deposition, you can buy/sell CRV directly in Toman or Tether market.

Sell CRV

To sell your CRV tokens, you need to enter the trading page for the cryptocurrency and click on “Sell”. You can do this through Toman or Tether market.

When you sell your CRV, you can exchange your assets to USDT and directly to Toman by choosing Toman market. Then, go through “Withdrawal” process to receive it in your bank account.

Trial Trading for CRV

OMPFinex is the first Iranian cryptocurrency exchange with a demo account capability. After your registration, you can begin your trial trading with a 100 million toman account and start trading CRV and other currencies, so you can build up your knowledge and experience of the market.


Curve DAO (CRV) cryptocurrency is of the most valuable DeFi projects in the market which is based on Ethereum network. It managed to print a 400% spike in its price in 2022.

OMPFinex exchange has provided the platform for trading CRV in Toman and Tether. Users can register on OMPFinex and start trading the digital asset.

Fees on OMPFinex are based on the trading volume and level of the user. You can explore details of the calculations by referring to the fees page.

On OMPFinex you can buy all the currencies with a minimum of 100,000 tomans.

You can use Trust Wallet to store your CRV tokens. It’s worth mentioning that OMPFinex stores users’ assets on cold storage and you can use the platform wallet to store your assets securely.